About Us

Meet Lalitha!

Lalitha Arnold, an Englewood native, is a Chicago-based first class, Bag Generator. For more than two decades, she has run successful small business' in both the city of Chicago and surrounding suburbs.  


Lalitha is a self-taught hairstylist with an innate gift to recreate styles simply through observation and dreams. Since obtaining her barber’s license from Cain’s Barber College in 2009, Lalitha launched EnvyMe, a brand that places a positive spin on the word “envy” by highlighting natural beauty and empowering men and women to admire the role model qualities in one another.

EnvyMe Hair Studio, a boutique salon on Chicago’s South Side in the Hyde Park neighborhood, is best known for its high-end experience, professional staff, customer service, and punctual service. 

As a result of a successful launch and operation, EnvyMe is opening a second location in the Evanston, IL area. This location, EnvyMe Too, will be home to a silk press bar and barber shop. Much like it's sister location, the service quality will still be the same. 

I'm sure you're thinking "what does EnvyMe have to do with Bag Generator"?

Lalitha is not only a stylist -- she took that role and pivot to salon owner. Took the role of salon owner, and pivoted to barbershop owner. Took those roles, and opened another location. She is the epitome of chasing the bag--one at a time--by continuously educating herself to where she can educate others who work for and with her, so that they can also thrive as a Bag Generator. 


The concept of Bag Generator was birthed out of necessity and the need to help people level up in their businesses. It is important for people to learn how to scale their business, figure out how to properly outsource services, and taking care of behind the scenes before launch--all while protecting their mental. NOTHING can be done if you are not in a good mental space--and that is where we come in at.